Open Heart

A thoughtful insight on living with a Open Heart …

When I witness the challenges we face every day, how differently we all process them, and how we struggle to understand other’s perspectives, I begin to see why Presence and a Open Heart are of the utmost importance in any given situation!!!

The moment we allow our emotions, whatever the trigger may have been, to control us, our heart space closes. This closure results in the instant disconnection from the wisdom and strength of the Universe/God/Love. When we close our Heart and react to our fears, we disconnect ourselves from the possibility of what could have been, from Love/God/Universe, ultimately from the possibility of growth and enlightenment!

But, the moment the craziness arrives, and it always will, if your Heart remains open, the moment will pass through you with grace, instead of sticking with you in anger and bitterness for days or years to come! And the same lessons will stop showing up disguised as different experiences! You will move on to have new lessons arriving as new experiences, each one more enlightening and moving than the last! That is living in Love, living with a Open Heart … This is true Enlightenment! I am eternally grateful the world experiences this true miracle … And so it is!

I will close here with a quote from one of the great spiritual teachers of A Course in Miracles, Marianne Williamson …

Love & Light,

“Just as the Embryo turns into a baby and the bud blossoms, your life is already programmed in the mind of God to its highest creative possibility. The blueprint for your greatest potential is already programmed in the Ether’s of the Universe. What you do absolutely matters because if your Heart is not open, its like a computer, you do not download the possibility on Earth as it is in Heaven! Its an un-deleteable file, but if I don’t bring it down to the screen, If I stay in bitterness, what I’ll get on the screen (life) is bitterness … the title of the file is God’s Will.” – Marianne Williamson


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