Power of Positive Words!

I wanted to share something amazing that has been happening! The power of positive words!

This falls in the realm of my Pilates career! Many students have been expressing their joy and gratitude for my talents and teaching style! That exchange of positive energy fuels the flame for more positive energy! The words are so nice to hear and I am grateful to have this opportunity to experience genuine appreciation.

What they may not know is they are the reason for my passion to teach! Their faces and joy light up every cell in my body, which in turn drives me to want to help them live a life in a body that works for them and with them!! That is a beautiful exchange of energy!

Love is the most powerful and beautiful energy, and it opens a world of powerful and beautiful possibilities that will exceed any and all expectations your mind could have conjured up!!!

Wishing you all a beautiful day!

Love & Light,



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