Primal Movements and What Happens After . . .

Do you remember what it was like to move as an infant? How incredibly exciting things were when you discovered a movement for the first time! If you can’t remember, watch a baby move and explore … its quite fascinating, and who knows, it could inspire you to get on the floor and experience those feelings again in your own body!

In these crucial first years our nervous system and connective tissue are paving the way for all dynamic movements, rolling over, crawling, eventually standing, walking, and all with the intention of continuing this breathtaking symphony of movement throughout our life, thus allowing our body and all its glorious systems to thrive. Then, something happens that our body does not anticipate. Shortly after we learn to walk, certainly by the time we enter the school system, we are then forced to halt these natural mechanisms in our body and told to sit in a chair! With that being said, it would be quite ironic for me to expect you to sit and read a post about how sitting is so detrimental to your health, so I ask you to be creative about how you can move while reading . . . I’ve been moving like a baby while typing this, all without sitting still at all . . . just be creative! Who says we can’t work while standing, kneeling, squatting, rolling, and just engaging in simple plain old movement! 😉

Now, I ask you to think about what happened when you went from this gorgeous little exploring moving machine, to then being told, for the next 15 plus years, to sit and be still? What are your instinctive thoughts, unnatural? Yes, I would agree, completely unnatural to interfere with these primal movements. What happens after? Well, we ask, “what is wrong with little Johnny, he simply will not sit still, is out of control behaviorally, and he can’t maintain focus!” So the doctor puts him on medication and says he has a disorder, etc. etc.!!! HELLO, every cell of Johnny’s body is sending him messages to “move, move, for the love of all life, please move!” While nutrition is also a huge factor, is Johnny eating packaged and processed foods or real food? Today, this is a post about movement, I promise I’ll save the food rant for another time . . . 🙂

Every cell of our body relies on our ability to remain mobile and fluid so nutrients can be delivered and waste can be removed! Even shoving our feet into shoes affects our body’s ability to maintain homeostasis within its internal environment! Our feet should be able to move like our hands! Yes, they should, even though you just tried and perhaps they didn’t . . . how can they if their bound in shoes 10 hours a day for 5 days a week? Please, I beg you, take your shoes off, right now, and spread your toes, move them like your fingers, or at least try. It gets easier, I promise!

What I’m asking you to do is simply entertain the question of what your daily habits are doing to your health and vitality? How have you drifted away from natural movement patterns, and why do you have to sit still exactly??? Not sure anyone really has a sane answer for this, but anyway . . .  Do you really have to experience the so called “normal wear and tear” of aging? NO you don’t, not if you do the normal things our bodies are crying out for, “MOVE, MOVE, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL LIFE, PLEASE MOVE!!!”

Do you remember the humans in the movie Wall-E? Well, in the event you do not, click below to watch . . . And ask yourself today, how can I move more, can I sit on the floor and explore movement instead of my comfy couch or chair, can I move, stretch, play?  . . . let’s pay attention to our primal movements and what happens after . . . Let’s not fulfill the human dystopia depicted in WALL-E, we are more than that, and our children deserve more!

Love and Light,


“This next population coming up, the generation underneath our generation, is in worse health. It is in decline. But yet no one wants to address the huge elephant in the room which is that we are training our children to be still. Because we don’t delineate the difference between exercise and movement. We have decided that if we exercise for that one hour a day then that is enough.” – Katy Bowman, Biomechanist

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