Curated Sound Journey

It would be an honor to create a personalized sound journey curated for your specific needs, desires, and intentions.


As this is a co-creation between us and our higher Souls, based on what’s alive within you at this time, you’ll answer a few questions and share your intentions for working with sound.


After receiving your answers, I will curate a sound journey + ritual suggestion just for you to settle in, connect with, and remember your own magic, expressions, and sovereignty.


YOU are your greatest teacher, healer, and magical ally in life. This sound journey will support you in deepening your relationship to your own inner gnosis & alchemy.


The songs of my sacred instruments can carry you to deeply relaxed states of being so you may reconnect with YOU and your Soul Self.


Creating space to reconnect with your inner resources, activate you own self-healing, empowerment, and some epic nervous system love!


If you feel connected to the ways in which I share my sound alchemy over these years, and wish for something curated specifically for what’s present in your life, it would be amazing to assist you in this way.


Rose and Moon Songs to you always!



Curated Sound Journey

Once purchased, you'll find your questions by clicking the product on your dashboard.

Once I receive your answers/intentions, I will create your Curated Sound Journey, and it will be uploaded to your "Order Notes" in your account within 48 hours of purchase to allow for me to create the most auspicious and valuable sound magic for you.

Moon and Rose Love to you always, Tanya ❤️ 


Your Personalized Sound Journey Includes

Recorded Audio Of A Personal Sound Journey Curated For You

Ritual Suggestion To Deepen Into Self

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