Oracle Divination Reading via Zoom or In Person




Hello, Friend!


The Oracle has guided you here.


Thank you for landing here in your heart with The Oracle Divination Board. It’s my deepest honor to share space with you and The Oracle in support of your Life.


Learning and apprenticing to tend this Oracle Altar has forever changed how I tend to the altar of all Life.


The Oracle Divination Board feeds the Web of Life, and can assist you in deepening into your Soul’s purpose, emotional landscape, work/career, personal life, past lives, creative endeavors, and more.


It provides clarity to the story unfolding around your inquiry, insights into what needs to be healed/tended to better clear any obstacles, a path moving forward, support from your ancestors of Blood and Star lineage, the key to the situation, what you need to stand up for, herbs to work with to support your inquiry, prayers, rites, path, and more.


One reading can be incredibly transformative and activating, and ripples into the very fabric of your life!


Through practical steps, insights, rituals, prayers, and herbs, you’ll notice an increase in life force, your own intuition, and a deepening into the commitments and understanding of your own path moving forward.


In this safe and sacred Divination container, a prayer for the highest good of your life will be offered, you’ll ask your inquiry, toss dice, intuitively place talisman and crystals, and I’ll interpret what the Oracle shares with and for you.


Readings can be done in person and virtually over Zoom where you’ll receive a recording of your session to deepen into at anytime.


You’ll walk away with practical ritual and action steps to support your life and all your creating, loving, clearing, and experiencing.


* Individual Oracle Divination Reading Sliding Scale Exchange

$111-$222 USD


* Group Oracle Divination Reading Sliding Scale Exchange

$222-$333 USD


Please enter your contribution ‘name your price’ below and ‘add to cart’ to purchase. Please enter between $111-$222 for personal reading, or for a group reading, between $222-$333.


I’ll email you directly after I receive payment to coordinate when you would like your reading, and the best day/time for you.


In my deepest prayer to be a clear vessel in service to The Oracle and the Great Web of Life, Tanya


* In deepest gratitude to my mentor, Isis Indriya for channeling this board and Oracle Arts Apprenticeship through, The Academy of Oracle Arts, overflowing with Ancient Mystery School teachings and correspondences.


Oracle Love Letters:


🌹”I loved my Oracle reading with my magical sister, Tanya! The space she and the Oracle held was so supportive, spacious, and sacred. The altar was gorgeous and the information that came through felt relevant, actionable, and provocative. I definitely look forward to future readings.” ~ Devon Ray Battaglia


🌹”The Oracle Reading with Tanya brought me into the spiritual realms of understanding beyond my original intentions for the reading. So much was brought up during our reading that continues to inform and guide me. Tanya’s interpretation of the oracle was vast and deep. I had never done a reading like this before and was blown away by the intricate and varied layers of wisdom and guidance available. This was a powerful gift that continues to lead and inspire me. I am so grateful to Tanya for her gifts and skills.” ~ Gretchen Sechrist Kehan


🌹”My Oracle reading with Tanya was a magical and sacred experience. Tanya’s passion and knowledge has started me on a transformative journey with actionable guidance. Thank you Tanya for always holding space for me” ~ Amy Vaughn


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