Seasonal Moons Sound Bath Series








Journey with me through the lunar year in the inspiring, restful, and nurturing realms of sound and silence.


As we tune into the rhythms of our seasonal moons, we connect in with the spiral and cyclical nature of our lives.


Seasonal Sound Bath Series


*New Moon Sound Bath, 12-1pm EST on Sunday, 2/11/24

*Full Moon Sound Bath, 12-1pm EST on Sunday, 2/25/24


Gather will us live on Zoom, or drop in at your convenience with the audio recording 


Make a nest with pillows, blankets, your earphones, and drift into a cozy slumber under the mythology and muse of our seasonal moons.


Experience a sensory exploration through sound, vocal alchemy, silence, rest, divination, grandmother moon, muse, and stillness.


You’ll be serenaded in a soothing and inspired space by the sounds of your greatest sound healing instrument, your own voice, my singing bowls, gong, flutes, chimes, and more.


$25 drop in for a single New OR Full Moon class

$40 ($20 each class) if you commit to both sound sessions at the New and Full Moon.

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