Self Love Witch Heart


I’ve created some beautiful heart shaped witches ball, as a spell for self love.


I created this for my Samhain Sound Mysticum as an honoring of the inspired wisdom and mythology of Venus, Mars, and the stardust in our bones.


I have plenty left and would love to see them go to homes as reminders of your own self devotion.


Heart Witch Ball


This visual representation of your devotion to self, love, and life will become an ornament to hang in your sacred space after, and on your Yule/Christmas tree every year. This care for yourself ripples into the web of life you weave and live in.


Includes magical ingredients such as a blank scroll to write a few words of adoration to yourself as a time capsule, cinnamon stick, rose petals, black tourmaline chips, rose quartz chips, rose buds, lavender, rose powder, and more.


The full list + a spell incantation to charm the heart is available upon purchase. You are also welcome to use your own words to charm the heart.


Cost includes shipping inside of the United States. If you’re overseas, I’ll send a Paypal or Venmo invoice for the shipping difference.


If you would love to create this together, purchase the full Samhain Sound Mysticum and I’ll send the ingredients for the witch heart to your home. We’ll drop in together on the recording for somatic exploration, the self love spell, and sound healing integration.

Self Love Witch Heart

Once purchased, your spell to charm your heart can be found by logging in to your account HERE

Your physical package, will arrive in your mailbox so please be sure the address you want me to ship it to is correct in Paypal, or add a note to the order.

The shipping is included in the price. If you live abroad, the extra cost of shipping will be calculated based on where you live in the world, and you'll receive a paypal or venmo invoice for the shipping difference.

Xoxo, T


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