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Sound Divination Altar by Tanya Clark


Sound Divination


A twist on my Curated Sound Journeys for the

Wheel of the Year Solar gates.



Beltane is one of the four cross quarter Gaelic fire festivals on the seasonal Wheel of the Year. The ‘fires of Bel’ celebrate the fertility of the lands, and mark this halfway point between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice when the Earth Mother and Father Sun bathe us in the mystica of their fertile ways.



To support the embodiment of this cyclical dance, I’ll create a personalized 11 minute sound journey woven from two cards I pull + the Images of cards to receive visually.



Divination isn’t fortune telling or hocus pocus. It’s a time honored tradition of tuning into which archetypal patterns and energies are present and alive in the given moment on your path.



It’s purpose it to connect deeper with the Divine and to make offerings to support ones life and the web of life.



It all goes back to the magic isn’t simply wishful thinking without action. Our actions create a reciprocal flow with the Divine forces and life. One can deepen into offerings and wisdom that is beneficial for keeping the forward motion flowing in your life and to help you move through your life with greater participation and Soul nourishment.



For this portal of the Beltane, I’ll pull one tarot card representing the energy of the magical love and fertile alchemy at this time on your journey from the Tarot of Sexual Magic, and one oracle card representing the wisdom from the wild realms of your ancient heart from the The Faery Forest Oracle… all woven into a sound healing to integrate on a sensory level.


Beltane Sound Divinations bowls and decks. Photo by Tanya Clark


May we honor this mystical threshold into the mysteries and wisdom of new beginnings, balance, and fertility.


Sale price valid through full Beltane Moon of 5/16/22


$40 (regular $55)


Once purchased, your Sound Divination will upload in audio format in your account here on The Dancing Soul within 72 hours of purchase. You’ll receive an email notifying you it’s ready.


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