Venus Retrograde 40 Day Meditation


Welcome, Friends!


It’s time for another group meditation here at The Dancing Soul.


We’ll journey together in an oracular space for 40 days  ( July 22 – September 3, 2023 ) as we are guided by Venus’ retrograde period which.


Each day, or whenever it fits your schedule, we’ll drop in with a pre-recorded meditation chanting the mantra, Sat Nam, in a long slow manor to embody this time of retrograde which is a time of contemplation and reflection.


A planet’s retrograde is a time of contemplation and reflection, a time of slowing down to feel and sense.

Venus being our relational and creative planetary muse, we will tune in to hear our own inner voice and wisdom in relation to our inner and outer relationships and creations in the world.

The Gurmukhi mantra, Sat Nam, translating to true name, truth is my name, will guide us in tuning into our gnosis, our inner wisdom.


The Venus Oracle Divination for this Evening Star phase will serve as a reflection for the past 9 months, PLUS you receive in depth information about the Venus cycle, and the connection to the Sumerian Mythology of Inanna and how it can help us navigate this cyclical life. You’ll also receive journal reflections along the way for the Venus Moon conjunctions and star dances as inspired.


Each day we show up to embody the same meditation but, as we are never the same from one day to the next, there’s a special magic that allows us to meet ourselves where we’re at each day.





“Still in love with these meditation journeys you create and offer!
Thank you! I honestly don’t know what I would do without them. Lol
They’re just so beautiful and always shift the energy of my days.” ~ Jessica Dos Santos


Day 40 completed – thank you all for the wonderfully enriching experience. ~ Elizabeth Cizek


Tanya Clark you are a gifted teacher and I am so happy for you that you are living your dharma of teaching. I am soooo grateful I joined this group and took on this practice. Thank you again, dear sister and friend!” ~ Joyce Pierce


“Thank you Tanya! This was an amazing experience. Was I perfect in my attempt at 40/40? nope. Did I have your gracious words in my head and heart reminding me to just begin again, try left nostril breathing, go to sleep listening to the mantra… Yep I meditated everywhere from my little nest on my bed, to the edge of a river, my bathtub, sometimes behind the wheel of the car (never with my eyes closed there, though). Ahhhh – the joy of meditating while home alone. Chant it loud, chant it proud. Thank you for the power and the process ~ and I discovered the power IN the process.” ~ Shelley Hendrick Thomas


“Day 40.I can’t believe it’s already the end! My mind is so busy with all we have to do that it helps to take this time to not think about it, or at least try. During these 40 days I’ve learned a lot about sitting and letting things float in and float out.Thank you Tanya Clark so much for your guidance and kindness through this past 40 days I have very much appreciated it” ~ Kellie Ricks Franks


“Yay Day 40!!! What a wonderful experience! Thank you Tanya Clark for all of your guidance and time during this!! Looking forward to what the next one brings. Yesterday’s mantra felt so strong, my voice felt strong while chanting & then I felt really strong after, felt the power in me! I kept wanting to put my hands to my lips to almost feel the words. Tonight, I again felt the power of the mantra. After, when I was just sitting, I didn’t want to get up I felt so buzzy with so much energy flowing. Ended up having another huge release over something from my past.~ Kelly Zeighenhagen


“Well I just did Day 40 and I can’t believe I made it! There’s definitely a shift in my inner self…looking forward to what the future meditations will bring. Tanya Clark I can’t thank you enough for sharing joy and enlightenment with all of us! ~ Sharain Newman


“Thank you Tanya for your beauty and inspiration, and diligence in supporting us. Much love to you!” Tammy Jennings


“Woohoo! Day 40! I did it! So proud of myself for showing up every day and completing something that I committed to. This was a catalyst to so many great thing happening in my life. I can’t thank you enough Tanya Clark.” ~ Amy Vaughn 




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You’ll have the meditation audio recording, oracle divination, Venus Moon Dance calendar, reflections, and sound musings that live here in your account. Do it whenever it works for you on the daily, even if it’s not everyday, thats fine too. Sharing in our Facebook group or on our private chat onsite can be spontaneous should you feel called.

Venus Retrograde 40 Day Meditation

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Venus Meditation Includes

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Venus Moon Star Dances and Journal Reflections

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Venus Moon Dance Gate Calendar

Song of the Stars Bonus 22 minute Sound Bath Relaxation

Venusian Morning Star Oracle Divination

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