Venusian Dreams Sound School ~ A Five Week Journey








Blessings, Sound Artist!


Welcome to our Venusian Sound School!


A space for Sound as inspiration, expansion, rest, listening, embodied dedication, beauty, magic, art, and ritual in honor of the Goddess lineages of music and muse.



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I’m thrilled you’re here to learn more about Sound Healing for your own health/wellness, adding to your Massage Therapy sessions, yoga sessions,  and/or lead Sound Baths/create sound offerings for your own community.



If you’re already a Sound Healing artist, deepening into our craft is a beautiful gift to ourselves and those who receive our offerings.



And so here we are…



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 You’ve entrusted me over these years with your sound inquiries, to hold space for you through digital creations, sound meditations, and in person sessions/offerings.



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We know how incredibly healing and profound music is in our world and lives, how music and sound can instantly transport us to a time and place, to an experience of emotions.





Approaching our work with artistry and intention creates a container where those receiving, and we, can relax into the body and calm the nervous system.




The creation of safe and thoughtful containers allows space to soften and expand.




Our instruments are animated by our practice, devotion, intention, thoughtfulness, and care.




Photo By Kara Briner



Sound and music have been a part of my life from the beginning. It was and is always the space where things make more sense. Where insights arise, and edges soften.



I’ve personally had profound experiences with Sound. I can’t say for certain why or how they happened, I’m simply a witness to the beauty and awe of its existence.



Whether you’re here for your own personal practice, or to incorporate sound healing into your sessions/classes with clients/events, I believe dedication, intent, open pathways, critical thinking when it comes to psuedoscience claims, daily practice, humility, and care of our craft provides an endless medium for creative expression.



Photo By Kara Briner


I’ve always approached music/sound/movement from the beauty, emotional, and artistic realms.



Growing up with a music room in half our garage, playing flute in junior high, dance for over 20 years, Sound Alchemy trainings, workshops, and retreats to deepen my own work with sound, I can easily say, I’ve had amazing experiences and sound moves me in ways words can’t express



In every way and in every layer, Sound is my Muse, Gaia my Greatest Teacher. Sound is Art. Sound is Magic. Sound is Ritual. Sound is Prayer.



In my experience, bringing intentional ritual and artistry into our sound creations adds a depth and richness that’s palpable. Every aspect of our life flourishes from our dedications and artistry!!!




Photo By Tanya Clark



I’ve created this container to explore these Rhythms of Sound Alchemy. Whether it be for sound baths, ceremony, ritual, your current work as a massage therapist or yoga instructor, and/or digital offerings in the age of Covid, Sound is a unique gift for Self and community.




I’m over the moon to journey through Five petals (modules) of the Venus Rose deepening the Venusian essences of our Sound creations. Also infused with really practical and fun foundations of Science, techniques, practices, creating containers, offerings, Art of playing, and so much more.





Let’s play in the feminine aspects of exploration…



Let’s create spaces where the feminine guides us in creating what speaks to us, learning by listening to the sounds we create and how it feels. To always be in the space of the student and possibilities, creates a lot of room for magic to happen.




Photo by Kara Briner



In our time together, I’ll share everything I’ve learned over the years about sound and the beautiful opportunities it provides to create much needed beauty in the world, and to create spaces/offerings to help others relax and discover their inner healing abilities..




Photo By Tanya Clark



Our journey Includes:


* Venus Petal One ~ Grounding the Experience as a Venusian Sound Artist

*  Notes / Chakras/ Harmonies

* How Crystal Bowls are Made/Proper Research/Pseudoscience

* Beauty/Freedom within Personal Preference/Anecdotal Evidence

* Venusian Expansions/Explorations/Play



* Venus Petal Two ~ Celestial Rose Artistry ~ The Muse

* Tapping into Artistry ~ What is the nature of our relationship to the Muse.

* Venusian and Gaian Rose Song Meditations

* Art of Intention, Ritual, and Visions

* Venusian Expansions/Explorations/Play



* Venus Petal Three ~ Mystical Rose Mediums of Sound

* Instruments/Listening as Art

* Working with Voice 

*Mother Nature as Master Sound Alchemist

* Venusian Expansions/Explorations/Play



* Venus Petal Four ~ Creating/Weaving The Venusian Soundscape

* Set up/Combos/ Harmony/ Dissonance Play

* Painting and weaving a Venusian Sound Journey /Guided Meditations

* Creating Digital Recordings

* Venusian Expansions/Explorations/Play



Venus Petal Five ~ Tending The Venusian Sound Temple

* Caring For Your Body 

* Caring for Our Instruments

*Creating Art, Ceremony, Connecting, and Tending our craft

*Venusian Expansions/Explorations/Play 



* Private FB Space for our Grounding, Support, and Play.



 This is a self – paced course, take your time as the content is yours for life.


Our Facebook group is a continued space to explore, learn, and share in a safe container.



I wish for your artistry to continue to deepen well beyond these 5 modules. None of us will become Master Sound healers simply by purchasing bowls, in a five week period, not even a five year period.



It’s our life long dedication to our love of the subtleties of the symphonic realms and creating containers for others to experience the beauty and profundity of Sound Healing.



I do hope to see you on the other side.



Sound School Student Love Letters …


“I LOVED the materials for this first module. Wow, sister, you are rich with passion and wisdom on the topic. I really appreciate the blending of science and embodied-understanding approach, too. Your personal stories of how sound healing has so potently impacted your own being were beautiful.

I am diving into the supplemental materials and really appreciate the “debunking” of the whole 432 thing. To be honest, this is why I haven’t fully followed my passion of sound work and offered it in more “public” ways (incorporating into my work)! I haven’t wanted to do something “wrong” or commit some kind of faux pas because I’m not using the “right” frequency, haven’t had the “right” training. Anything I offer now or in the future is because it has deeply touched me and I desire to be a carrier and offerer of that medicine. 😎 So excited for the rest of this time together.” – 


Devon Ray Battaglia, InnerSpark



“Tanya is a powerful teacher who brings together her years of training in body-based healing, sound and sacred ritual to create a truly magical experience! The Venusian Dreams Sound Journey is like a warm hug for your soul. Tanya creates a beautiful container to play and explore, while moving at your own pace. I loved the content and I often refer back to it for inspiration. Every sound healing session with Tanya leaves me feeling so much more peaceful and grounded in my body. I was honored to study with such a powerful teacher who embodies love and empowers others to do the same.“

Jessica St. Clair




“Thank you Tanya for offering the Venusian Dreams Sound School. Your guidance has helped me reconnect with the muse, my intuitive nature and deepen as a Sound Alchemist/Artist. I am both honored and grateful to have had the opportunity to dive into this magickal space with you. Many blessings for you and your work.”

~ Dani Lunn ✨‬



Here’s a beautiful interview with my dear sister friend and sound school alumni, Devon Ray Battaglia.





I’m excited to go on this journey with you and share everything I love about working with sound as art.




Photo By Tanya Clark




Embodied Rose and Venusian Moon Songs,




I’ll share everything I’ve learned about connecting with and creating beautiful Sound Art for yourself, family, and community. More can be found on any of my Social Media channels.


Enjoy the video and sound connections below.


Venusian Dreams Sound School ~ A Five Week Journey

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I'm looking forward to exploring the magic of sound with you.

Embodied Rose and Venusian Moon Songs to you,



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