Venusian Valentine ~ A Self Love Spell


Venusian Valentines ~ A Self Love Spell



Join me for a beautiful self love spell with Candle Magic and Talisman creation woven with Venus, The Moon, Mars, and The Stars


A divine way to bless yourself with love during this month of love (aiding you in making everyday a day of love)


Can also be done as a lovely evening with a partner. As we commit to loving ourselves, our capacity to love another grows


This digital product is yours for life to deepen in your self devotion. You’ll need a few magical items such as a candle, rose quartz, and a few other items


What’s Included:

Embodied Grounding

Magical Venusian Enchantment for Self-Love


Venusian Valentine ~ A Self Love Spell

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Venusian Moon, Tanya


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