Yule/Winter Solstice Sound Mysticum


Sunday 12/19/31

5-7 pm EDT


Welcome to an evening of expression and embodiment honoring the stories, mystica, and turning of time on the Wheel of the Year.


Samhain 2020 Sound Ceremony Altar by Tanya Clark


We gather once again for another seasonal turn on this spinning blue planet we call home. The solar gates connect us to the air of mystery woven in the cycles of our seasonal dance, the wax and wane, the inhale and exhale.


A photograph of a painted Wheel of the Year from the Museum of Witchcraft, Boscastle. Painted by Cornish artist Vivienne Shanley, on wooden disc made by Mark Highland.


 We’re in the medicine of the long nights. This time holds the ancient whispers which can only be heard within the velvet cloak of winter’s darkness, silence, and stillness.


Here lives the wisdom of honesty, vulnerability, and the fierce care of the darker goddesses. We’re often taught to fear everything that’s not love and light, pristine and proper.



Anger, shame, grief, sensuality, sex, death, truth, the need for protection and honoring of our own sacred boundaries, is shunned to the dark corners of society. When in truth, this is where all life and healing begins, in the dark. When we become intimate with these energiers and archetypes, we become whole and fully present to all of life.


This is their time, the mystica of the dark goddesses such as, the Crone, Cerridwen, Morgana, Kali Ma, Ereshkigal, Sekhmet, Hecate, and Lilith, just to name a few. They can help us embrace and love what society, and we, often deemed unworthy. To remember we are already whole.


The cloak of darkness surrounding this longest night, provides us space to connect deeper to the dark and to slow down. These concepts may seem foreign in our modernized world, but creating space to tap into the ancient ways in our flesh and bones, can be very nourishing.


Litha Candle Spell Altar by Tanya Clark


Last year, we worked with the element of fire/ candle magic at each turn of the wheel. This year, we work with the earth element by creating physical Spell Bottles through this year.


We gather in our virtual cauldron called, Zoom, to celebrate midwinter and the wisdom of the long nights through;


Embodied Mythology of Winter Solstice/Yule

Movement Flow


Sound Healing

Creating a Spell Bottle for Oracular Harmony and Protection


At Winter Solstice, we’ll create a small spell bottle which we’ll charm for protection and oracular harmony to serve as a talisman for honoring boundaries, the medicine of the dark, the inner flame of your spirit, and the elements that give you life and harmony.


Spell Bottle for Protection and Oracular Harmony by Tanya Clark


Through magic workings, we become an active participant in shaping this journey of life we walk and weave. We are connecting to the elements that give us life and communicating our intentions and desires with life. 


Spell bottles are potent workings which become more powerfully charged with your intentions, love, and energy overtime. We fill them with items such as crystals and herbs.They can be kept in your sacred space, carried with you in times of need, and recharged overtime when you are called to deepen with it’s medicine.


The prep for our gathering, spell incantation, the replay, altar/divinations, and spell working are yours for life. They live in a private space here on-site that you can access in your account anytime.


A physical package, including everything you need for your spell bottle, will arrive in your mailbox. Due to shipping and the timeframe to the event, as of today, you’ll have the replay to receive after your package arrives via priority mail. Unless of course, you live locally, I can get it to you by Sunday.


All magical ingredients + shipping is included in the price of the gathering.


If you live abroad, the extra cost of shipping will be calculated based on where you live in the world and you’ll receive a PayPal invoice for the shipping difference.


Video of Spell Bottle we’re creating at our gathering

Yule/Winter Solstice Sound Mysticum

Once purchased, all your prep details can be found by logging in to your account HERE

Replay will be available within 24 hours of circle. Recorded content/spell bottle working is yours for life.

A physical package, including everything you need for our spell working, will arrive in your mailbox so please be sure the address you want me to ship it to is correct in Paypal, or add a note to the order.

Due to shipping, it’s recommended to register as soon as possible.

All magical ingredients + shipping is included in the price of the gathering. If you live abroad, the extra cost of shipping will be calculated based on where you live in the world, and you'll receive a paypal invoice for the shipping difference.

See you in the mysticum!

Xoxo, T


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