Why Should You Read

The MELT Method Book You Ask?

Why do I think you, as a living breathing being, should know about The MELT Method book! MELT is a simple self treatment technique that helps you to get out of and stay out of pain

Who is Sue Hitzmann you Ask?

Sue’s story is my favorite part of the book because I love to hear how someone’s journey has unfolded thus far. It is incredibly inspiring and will motivate you to look at how you treat your tissues from this day forward.


What and How Does the MELT Method Work You Ask?

MELT is a simple self treatment technique that addresses the missing link of our body, the Neurofascial.


Part One Teaches You What Really Causes Pain, The Power of The Connective Tissue ,  Why It Is The Missing Link  . . .


Part Two teaches you how to become a hands – off bodyworker by introducing you the 4 R’s of MELT, our recipe for getting out of and staying out of pain.





And how she developed the hand and foot treatment (her last discovery)

Part Three teaches you the basic moves that you will begin to use to treat your body.

Getting Started

Rehydrate the upper and lower body

Release the neck and low back

Part Four teaches you how to put them together into treatment maps which include ALL 4 R’s of MELT.

My second favorite part is her section on MELT for Complimentary Self Care for many issues people deal with from systemic to acute injury. I have used this section many times to help me heal from injury and chronic issues! IT is more information than I’ve EVER gotten going into a doctor’s office!

Finally, it concludes with key points and recommended readings.

If you are a body nerd, the recommended readings with keep on giving many days of stimulating and inspiring readings.

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