Rest and a Periscope Blooper

And a Blooper for you … video isn’t easy. I do all of my own marketing and advertising, and I’m learning video so I can be the voice and face of The Dancing Soul. I wish to share my passions not only with my clients but also with anyone else who’s interested, via my site! I practice before I go on live video and oh man so many takes today!! Literally two separate recordings of like five takes! The bloopers reel is growing fast!! 

Rest Assess is NOT about fixing or forcing anything to change …

We simply want to notice how the body is resting. We come back again and again after our MELT treatments to see if we are resting easier!

Liz Koch said something beautiful and poignant in an interview, “You cannot force a rose bud to open by pulling on it” . . . I love that!

Try taking a gentler approach to how you treat your body and all those muscular imbalances, ITBand tightness, and Psoas imbalances you may have been taught to push, pull, stretch, mash or force to change!

Notice how taking a gentler approach, a more caring approach, a more global approach, yields greater and longer lasting results!

Love and Light,


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