Rest and Restore

Namaste Beautiful Souls!

I have spaces open this Sunday in Palm Beach Gardens!
The topic is ‘Calming the Stress Reflexes to Restore Healing’
I’ll teach you one of my FAVORITE maps created personally by Sue Hitzmann, my mentor and MELT creator.

You’ll learn why treating the inner thighs and becoming aware of our breathing can be a game changer in calming stress and anxiety.

One thing you can do immediately to calm stress is to lie down on the floor/bed, sit on the floor, or sit in a chair with your feet on the floor to ground you. Then, close your eyes, and breathe. Try to NOTICE your breath.

This is a great place to start . . . begin to notice, is it short and shallow, in the chest or shoulders more than ribs and belly? Becoming aware of your breath changes the brain-body connection, you go from something automatic to something inside your awareness, it’s so simple yet incredibly profound!

Begin to get to know this part of you, you are so worth it . . . we will work more with this on Sunday!

Hope to see you then 🙂

Click here for more information about Sunday as well my full schedule, skype sessions, and my restorative classes M/W/T evenings in Palm Beach Gardens, FL!

Love and Light to you all!

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