Scoping, Learning, and MELTing!

I have been so busy learning to verify my website with Google Webmaster to make my own branding billboards and live links (annotations) in all my YouTube videos. It is seriously cool working so hard for my career! I really LOVE what I do.

Here is a quick Periscope on why I am so happy I did the 5 Day Periscope challenge with Danielle Ford. I am feeling more and more comfortable with this whole video thing these days . . .



These three tools for self care are like the holy trinity of movement therapies for me. They make my yoga and dance seem more effortless and are staples for self-treatments. ?

After a full day of sharing MELT and Pilates, it’s always nice to come home to my own self care! My full MELT roller for hydrating my connective tissue, the MELT nuerostrength band for stabilizing my joints and improving muscle timing, and the half roller used in the MELT for Pilates curriculum for symmetry, core balance, and fluidity.
Talk about a lovely way to reduce pain and compensations throughout the body! I’ve never loved Pilates as much as I do now … I use the half roller ALL the time for equipment and
mat work! It is great feedback to truly reveal what the pelvis and ribs are really up to!
I have a new workshop space added in Palm Beach Gardens! Yay I promised and it is finally here in October!  So be sure to check my schedule here to reserve your spot for some self care love!
Love and Light, ?


Venus Morning Star Magic, Mythology, Divination, and Moon Dances

Venus Morning Star Magic, Mythology, Divination, and Moon Dances

Venus Celestial Inspirations in Culture and Mythology, Oracle Divination Highlights, and 2022 Morning Star Moon Dances. As with many cultural myths and stories of the hero/heroine's journey, we are gifted allegories as inspiration to reflect upon our own life's...

A Collective Venus Evening Star Oracle Divination

A Collective Venus Evening Star Oracle Divination

  I’m still a baby in my third year working with Venus ceremonially, and Yesterday/Venus Day, I did a group Oracle Divination for the Evening Star phase🌹🌚It’s meant to nurture our path with Venus. Whether at Earth Star, or Root Gate as I am, it’s for this entire...

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