Seasons of Change!

Change is inevitable, at a cellular level we are constantly changing, at a mental level we are always contemplating what needs to be done and how we would like to change, the tides are ever changing, the universe is one big beautiful process of change! But at some point in this process we, as humans begin to resist this natural course of life? Why is it that we think we are incapable of changing or that others are as well? Why do we make things harder on ourselves than they really need to be?

Mother Nature doesn’t fight the seasons of change! When the leaves are ready to return to the earth to begin a new cycle, they simply do! They do not ask questions, and they do not mentally contemplate why they shouldn’t have to change. They are simply part of the beautiful and natural process of working in harmony with all of nature!

When I look back over these past few months, I have had so many changes! My life as I see it right here in this moment looks completely different to me! I walk into my space its different, I have new job opportunities that are different, I have more personal responsibilities of being my best in my passion of dance, I have new insights of how to continue evolving to be a better person for all the people I love so dearly! I am a woman who loves change, but at some level I made it all happen so fast I feel as though I’m stranded in the middle of the Ocean without a GPS! These are wonderful and amazing things that I made happen, but now that I am here I do not have the comfort of familiar surroundings as a sounding board to reassure myself that I am capable of stepping up to the plate! But, isn’t that what change does, challenges us to grow into our new skin so to speak?

I am trying to live in the moment and not react to challenges or misunderstandings the same as I did in the past. It’s hard, especially now in a new space, everything is different!!!! I am trying to embrace the positive changes that have blessed my path. But, when your life and the person you knew yourself to be, even when you weren’t completely comfortable with her, is so different you do not even recognize her, what does one do to embrace the new woman looking back in the mirror? Especially when the ever so persistent child within still has all those old patterns burned in her psyche and awaits the perfect moment for her ever so familiar emotional reactions?

As always the answer is coming to me as I write to all you beautiful souls, I have Faith! I must have Faith that the bigger picture supports my smaller day to day changes and my more evolved attitude. The spiritual path isn’t for the faint of heart! It is the exact opposite!!! One must have strength of steel to maintain awareness and own up to shortcomings and fears. All the wonderful change in the world doesn’t come with a promise of a fearless and easy life!

The quote I now see I want to use for closing this post is by Martin Luther King Jr. It sums up my lesson today and what I want for you to take away! If you find yourself fearful of wether or not you are capable of handling new challenges with Grace, or just the determination to live a more spiritually aware life, my wish for you is to take this quote and sit with it. I hope that it enlightens your path the way it is mine right now so that you may embrace your seasons of change!

Love & Light,

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase – Martin Luther King Jr

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