Shout Out to Wayne Dyer!

Hi Guys!

Here is a quick scope,  after a long hiatus, and a shout out to Wayne Dyer!



And this is how we say it over here in MELT land!

“This shhh Works” …. Well, it really does and it is also a play on one of our 3D breath sounds! Another beautiful and profound workshop at @binduyogastudio this stormy afternoon in South Florida! Some serious self care love happened . . .

If you’ve had an intro and still haven’t started a self care routine, there are a few spaces left in my MELT BY The Book Series beginning next Sunday!

Head on over to for more details and the link to Bindu for registration!

Find out for yourself how and why “this shhh works” See you Sunday! Beautiful neck candy (chakra Mala) by Kate over @enlightenedpieces

Love and Light,


A Collective Venus Evening Star Oracle Divination

A Collective Venus Evening Star Oracle Divination

  I’m still a baby in my third year working with Venus ceremonially, and Yesterday/Venus Day, I did a group Oracle Divination for the Evening Star phase🌹🌚It’s meant to nurture our path with Venus. Whether at Earth Star, or Root Gate as I am, it’s for this entire...

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