Soulful Awareness

What does it really mean to live aware? A lot of us are trying to become more aware, but let’s face it the world can be a crazy place and it can be a bit overwhelming!  What, or better yet, who do we need to look at if we are consistently encountering situations or individuals that elicit negative responses from us?

For many years I have been trying to make sense of it all.  All these new tools I am learning, but in what way am I to incorporate them? I am finding that being aware is a commitment every day, because it requires understanding my intentions in the moment. I now pay attention to the small chance encounters that present themselves. I am realizing the greater my awareness, the faster I am able to see these clues to authenticity. I recognize that the words I see and hear, the people I meet, the readings that are recommended, the things I happen to stumble across, the gut feeling I have, all the little clues in my life are there all the time guiding me towards my authentic self. I am required to remain aware so that I may recognize the clues, and so I may act responsibly in order to continue my growth towards authenticity.

Do you ever feel like it’s easy to be aware under certain circumstances and at others it seems down right impossible? When encountering a highly emotional situation is it hard for you to remain aware? Understanding the Law of Karma makes me realize how important our commitment should be. The times when I’m extremely challenged, I strive to remember that my intention is going to create the very same situation for me at another time. In order to change the things that challenge us, perhaps it is wise to look within. After all, we are the only common denominator in all those challenging situations. They just happen to come in different outfits and circumstances.

I recently re-read the Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav, and he was talking about how we are often quick to take credit for the positive things that are happening for us, but even faster to blame another for the negative things that are happening.  So, if we are responsible for the good, then perhaps we are responsible for the bad as well. That is not to say that when we encounter a harmful or abusive situation we just sit back and take it. I believe those are the precise moments where staying in the present moment will unveil the step necessary to remove yourself from that situation and to understand the lesson, so that it may not happen again. But, if it does hopefully you will recognize it and walk away! That is the essence of a lesson learned!

How do I apply all this newfound knowledge? My emotions are being acknowledged and respected, my awareness is growing breath by sacred breath, and I’m being diligent about always having pure intentions towards the greater good of humanity. So, as I lay here writing it comes to me, I breathe. In every moment when my ego is dying to defend itself to its very core… I breathe!!!

The most interesting aspect is that I have been teaching Pilates for over 9 years, and breath is the essential core of it. I have also been intriqued by the eastern mind body disciplines my entire life. I am so grateful for this newly illuminated correlation with something I’ve been flirting with forever. I am beginning to see how this works. We stay aware and begin to see the universe has been giving us clues to our purpose forever, we have just been so preoccupied with our minds to see what’s right in front of us.

So we live in awareness through our breath, we respect and tend to our emotions, in every situation we try to have the intention of sharing our knowledge and loving nature with every soul we come into contact with. We do this so we may be graced in our lives with the presence of other aware and enlightened individuals. After all, what we put out into the universe is what we get back!!!

That my fellow souls is how I choose to walk the path of awareness, so that I may be blessed to experience the enticing and intoxicating vibrancy of life and all the universe has to offer.

Love and Light,


 Awareness is the power that is concealed within the present moment. … The ultimate purpose of human existence, which is to say, your purpose, is to bring that power into this world.  -Eckhart Tolle



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