Storms of Life!

It is an active night infused with wicked storms and earth shattering lightning! The clouds are heavy with emotion and the skies are tortured in a massive outpouring of energy! Am I sure I know how to navigate this tumultuous trip? Do I really trust myself to get through this stormy night and arrive safely at my destination? I am scared as I drive along this dark and winding road. At the depths of my bewilderment, a blinding light appears out of nowhere and stops me dead in my tracks; I see the sign for an Inn where I rest my weary head for the night! The next morning I awake, the storms have passed and all cares have been washed away! There is an overwhelming sense of calm, and I know that today is a new day! I am back on the road, and the skies are dancing with delight!

This is what it feels like navigating the roads of life for me! Is my intuition a gentle wisdom nudging me in the right direction, is it the blinding light on a torturous night illuminating the sign leading to safety, or both??? It is difficult to decipher sometimes, and I wish it would make a grand entrance for me, so that I would never doubt it!! Why is it so hard sometimes to know the correct decision to make or the appropriate way to respond to a situation?

I think its safe to say we as a human race suffer greatly from the voices inside our head that incessantly keep us from our true path! I mean the voices that want us to judge others, that want us to look at what they can do for us, how they wronged us, and how others need to change to conform to our wants and needs, etc! Those voices doing all the contemplating, well I am beginning to understand they plot to conceal my intuition’s guidance as I navigate the storms of life! I’m grateful I am learning how to maneuver along this winding, sometimes dark and lonely road! It is a learning process that I can’t rush or decipher to deeply, because the sign to the Inn, that will allow my soul to rest peacefully till the storm passes, is always there. I just have to learn to recognize it through the storm’s drama!

Why is it that we let these voices override our intuition at times? I can only speak for me, but mine know me all too well. They know how to sniff out every opportunity to attack! Any small thing that’s said, or any way life doesn’t go the way I thought it should, etc, are all opportunities for attack!! We could go on forever with examples, but it causes them to react and begin their descent of my eager spirit!!! It is like a lioness stalking her prey, waiting for that perfect moment where she can attack! I am grateful for my internal lioness, she helps me survive, but it is when she is quiet that I need to listen to her the most, not when she’s ready to feed! She needs a balance between the rest and the hunt!

I understand that spiritual awareness is a daily choice. I do not believe we will ever be free from the storms of life, after all they provide opportunities to grow. We may never have the grand entrance that allows us to never doubt ourselves, but we have control of whether or not we pay attention to the light that directs our path. Our job is to learn to decipher between the roar of fearful storms that encourage us to play victim in our lives, and our quiet, yet wise intuition that is trying to guide and empower us!

Life coach, Martha Beck,  says intuition is subtle. That means our gut is always giving us clues. Animals have this instinctive ability to perceive danger coming, and we do as well! So wisdom is more powerful, yet will never force its knowledge. The forceful voices in my head that incessantly want drama couldn’t be farther from my intuition! My intuition comes in the form of gut feelings, little whispers that make me say, “hmm is that right?”, or “that seems strange.” That is the light illuminating the sign!

So the Inn of intuition is always there waiting our arrival, we just have to refrain from getting caught up in the storms of our mind, and we will see the signs leading us to our destination! Rest assured the storms will always pass! The essence of our intuition rests in the quiet spaces that traverse the drama of the storms!

Love and Light,


Wisdom is far stronger than fear, but while fear gladly forces itself upon you, wisdom will do nothing of the kind. We can’t be victims of wisdom. It must be chosen. – Martha Beck

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