The Beauty

of Life

As I travel the winding and beautiful roads of my life, I find it to be such an incomprehensible web of beauty! I’ve spent many years questioning my purpose, my daily decisions, and mostly my thoughts about it all. As I continue learning and becoming more connected with my inner being-universal energy, I have more and more “Aha” moments, as Oprah so elegantly calls them.

Life has never been quiet or uneventful this time around, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. In my 36 beautifully disastrous and intoxicatingly profound years I am finally beginning to see the enormous joy of it all. Our purpose is to live in awareness, so that we may bestow upon this earth our uniquely beautiful gifts blessed upon us by this gracious universe.

I just finished reading A New Earth, by Eckhart Tolle for the second time. I am living in the present moment as often as I can these days. He is a bright light, who along with many other spiritual teachers, healers, books, and many lessons and tools acquired along the way, has graced my life.

Sometimes life challenges us in unimaginable ways, and my new way to handle this is to take three deep breaths. I am always amazed at the genius behind such a simple task. I immediately feel that peace or awareness that I am not my thoughts, but the light or consciousness that is observing them. It truly does separate me from the drama, and that is Priceless!

As I continue to increase the awareness of my own divine presence, amazing insights begin flooding me! That very presence during a conversation with my friend Laura was the catalyst for me sharing with you at this present moment.

I could give you my life story and all the craziness and profound beauty of it all. Tidbits will present themselves as the blog progresses. But right now I choose to share these moments where being aware and enthusiastic about human growth unfolds naturally. Thank you for reading and spending time with me for a little reflection on the beauty of life.

Love and Light,

Your entire life journey ultimately consists of the step you are taking at this moment. There is always only this one step, and so you give it your fullest attention…. What you encounter at your destination once you get there depends on the quality of this one step…. What the future holds for you depends on your state of consciousness NOW. – Eckhart Tolle

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