The Surprising Benefits

of Giving Up My Couch!

My new favorite floor workstation! 💜

The ever so talented, Anthony Hoffman, refurbished my old pub table to a stunning floor table! He cut the legs off, did a burning technique on it, with a torch, and combined two beautiful stains to pull out the detail! Bravo, Anthony!

Many of you know this past year I’ve donated my “comfy” furniture and opted to move more joints and stimulate my cells by sitting, eating, moving, and chilling on the floor.

The thing is, we move more when on the floor, it’s naturally not as comfortable so we change positions more . . . I had recliners that were dangerously comfy, believe me, I remember staying in the same position for hours. . . My darling joints and cells, I’m sorry for all those times!

I read Katy Bowman’s book, Move Your DNA a while back, and even before hearing of her work, I had been flirting with the idea of giving up my “comfy” furniture, but hesitated A LOT and for a LONG time. Well, until I had a major ankle injury that allowed me to see what sitting actually does to circulation,  and folks, it’s NOT good!

I remember the first time I noticed, after sitting in a chair for roughly 20 minutes, my foot was a crazy color combo of blue, purple, and green! This was a good 2 months into the healing, and I had no major bruising or swelling. It was the result of sitting on my ass! Needless to say, it freaked me out, and my boyfriend too!!!

My other foot was fine, but because of my injury I was able to see first hand how it literally cuts off life force, prana, circulation to our body. So, I got rid of my furniture, all except my bed, I’m not there yet. LOL!

Take a spot on the floor, grab some pillows, and read about the 3 unexpected benefits of my floor sitting adventure . . .

Less back pain and better posture? Yes Please!

Chairs and furniture support our body in “slumpy and lazy” positions. We don’t use our deep musculature and supportive structure, therefore the spine often becomes misaligned and the end result is a lot of back pain and poor postural habits that seem impossible to remedy!

When we sit on the floor we use more core stability to maintain our spine and we will begin to wake up sleepy areas of the body that may not have had movement or attention in years, perhaps even decades, and the end result will be better posture and a happier back!


Why yes, I’ll have a side of Flexibility please!

Here’s the gist of it, sitting causes tight muscles, dehydrated connective tissue, and decreases our ability to move efficiently in any other position outside of sitting.

Listen, I know sitting on the floor isn’t the most comfortable, but you have to be patient, use pillows, and don’t stay in the same position past the point of feeling pain, that’s the body telling you to MOVE and change positions!!

I began this journey while recovering from a broken ankle, and let me assure you it was NOT easy getting up and down from the floor at all, but it’s MUCH better now, and has helped the healing process too!

I remember my back and hips used to lock up in the beginning, but, guys, now 3 months later, I can say for sure it was the best decision I ever made! It’s easier, more comfortable, and I notice more range of motion in EVERY joint!

An unexpected side effect was hearing my body’s cries for movement, NOT exercise movement, just plain old fashioned movement for movement’s sake!

Here’s the other thing, as a dancer, I’ve been blessed to always love and have movement in my life. Teaching MELT, Pilates, and Yoga, is a blessing, but something was clearly different about hanging at home, sitting in a chair or slouching on a couch while on the computer working, reading, watching TV, or just chatting. I was clearly not listening to my body’s plea for more movement at home!

I would feel the aches, pains, and tightness, but I would stay there while thinking, “Oh man I really had a great dance class or workout because I’m so sore, I must rest more and not move!” Listen, I most certainly needed a translator, because this was a communication breakdown at its finest! My body was saying, “Hello, GET UP AND MOVE LADY!” That’s it, it wasn’t about some major event, it wasn’t my body saying, “rest more, you poor thing you must be exhausted” . . . it was about my body and cells crying out for some freaking life to enter them!

We forget how intelligent our body is and become so focused on what our mind knows, and this has been such an unexpected benefit. Because now, even when I do sit in a chair at someone’s house, the first sign of an ache, tingling, or tightness, I listen and respond by changing positions in the chair, and guess what, my body thanks me by hurting less and liking these small movements more!

Here’s a video to show how I move in small ways when working or reading . . . There is always room for improvement and I’m always trying to be creative. This was a span of ten minutes and I sped it up to a few minutes, and I try to get up and walk around every 20-30 minutes.

To wrap it all up . . . Try sitting on the floor with some bolsters and pillows. Try to remember you’ve been sitting in chairs most of your life, so be patient but be consistent.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, try to listen to your body and change positions often, and be creative about where you can move more throughout your day, and watch how your body begins to thank you! 

Love and Light,


“You have been receiving signals of movement hunger in response to a movement diet that is very low in terms of quantity and poor in terms of quality—meaning you aren’t getting the full spectrum of movement nutrition necessary for human function.”
― Katy Bowman, Move Your DNA: Restore Your Health Through Natural Movement

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