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Life is my Earth School, and my educational curriculum is spiritual growth, love and awareness. I’ve always contemplated and connected to the depth and meaning where there was said to be none, especially in my darkest moments. Many remarkable teachers have uniquely contributed to my growth through their special light and love. My goal is to share with you what has and is so elegantly changing my path! I wish to empower you to look for love and light, especially where you see only darkness. The Dancing Soul is a sacred space dedicated to the cultivation of awakening rhythms of inner bliss!

My Favorite Moon Tool ~ The Moon Is My Calendar

My Favorite Moon Tool ~ The Moon Is My Calendar

Have you ever wondered how the Moon's cycles connect to your own life and inner rhythms?   I always have. I remember the exact day when I talked to the moon and asked her to show me how she moves through me.   I asked to know her, her rhythms, when she was...

It's time to awaken your rhythyms of inner bliss

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