Why Himalayan Salt Lamps Rock!

Do you know why himalayan salt lamps rock? Well, you can find out here in my latest Periscope! You can follow me on Periscope under the handle @dancingsoulblog … See you there!

Here’s a link to buy the Himalayan Salt Lamp and get those negative ions boosting your positive moods … you can find a few more lamp options over at The Dancing Soul – Amazing Things Page

himalayanhandOf course, a MELT Hand Treatment is in order after a live broadcast to rebalance the nervous system!

I’ll try a MELT Rebalance Sequence before the next Scope for calming my stage fright!

Do something to step outside of your comfort zone today and notice how invigorated you feel after it is over. Pay attention to the empowerment that is present and if you choose, notice how it is centered in your solar plexus chakra. This is the area between your heart and your belly button. This is the home of  Manipura – our seat of personal power, personality, self confidence, and responsibility.

Today, ask yourself, what have I wanted to do for a long time that I have been procrastinating? Then, take a small step towards action! Let me know how it goes!  I’ll be behind you cheering you on!


Love and Light,


“Thinking will not overcome fear but action will.” – W. Clement Stone


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