Low Back Event at Bindu Yoga!

A hyperlapsed video of my personal MELT session! I love getting creative in hopes of inspiring you to come MELT with ME!

OK, so about low back pain . . . If you have back pain start with your feet!

Our feet are our foundation and the majority of the joints in our body are in our hands, feet, and spine! Therefore, a ton of neurological information is happening here. Ultimately, learning to treat your feet will create better grounding, better alignment of the ankles, knees, and hips, better grounding of the organs via the meridians, and ultimately can free up tension in your lower back.

Wait! Do you have back pain? Don’t feel discouraged, I want to teach you how much power you DO have to change the way your back feels. ?

? A whole lot of “hyperlapsed” MELT love here in one mini foot treatment!

The Mini Soft Ball foot treatment is just one of the treatments you’ll learn in my special back event tomorrow at Bindu Yoga, and we have a few spaces left just for YOU! (You’ll leave with a printout of the Low Back Map)

Here is some food for thought … Think of the money you’ve spent going to others to treat you, on medications to mask your symptoms, on doctors office visits only to leave feeling frustrated with no answers and maybe only another script.

Let’s change the way you look at healing! This time, invest in your ability to treat YOURSELF! You’ll be happy you did, and so will your other practitioners, as they will be able to make much better headway when they treat you if you’ve been taking responsibility by treating yourself!

ONLY A FEW SPACES LEFT for my Low Back Event at Bindu Yoga – DON’T WAIT!!! Click Below


Love and Light,

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