Guided Heart Meditation with Crystal Singing Bowls!

Namaste and Happy New Moon in Libra! 


I hope this finds you grounded and breathing deeply during the intense times we’re in! Big sweeping changes are happening all around us and luckily, there’s no turning back! ✌??✌?

Our Libra new moon medicine is seeking balance. The collective voices are rising to say, NO MORE to the old outdated ways of the Patriarch. The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are rising, calling us all to step up as a human race. They’re saying to us, “you’ve always had the potential to do better, act better, and be better. The time is NOW!”

Bidding farewell to one world while birthing a new one, well, as you don’t have to look far to see, is a messy process. In so many ways our individual shadows and collective shadows are exposed. Every cobweb, dust bunny, and dark corner is highlighted. And we shouldn’t expect this to slow down in the least… ❤️?❤️

❤️ “Let’s get loose
With Compassion,

Let’s drown in the delicious
Ambience of
Love.” ~ Rumi ❤️

We have and always have had two options, either turn the light back off and act as if it’s not really there… as in not paying attention to the things inside and outside that make us uncomfortable, so we dismiss or bypass it. We can’t ignore the negative/dark, acting as though it doesn’t exist simply because it ruins our positive vibes or goes against our beliefs. The goal is, as Caroline Myss puts it so well, “Is to grow a spiritual backbone.” ?

We develop our backbone through compassionate action, again and again. Every day in the smallest of ways. We put on our adult pants, we look at what isn’t working, what isn’t right, and we clean out the corners. Its messy, no doubt! It’s uncomfortable at times, for sure! But necessary for growth, sustainability and evolution as a species. It’s inspiring to witness people everywhere standing up, collectively sweeping out the corners to say, “Not here, not anymore, not on my watch.”

It’s quite a profound time to be alive. As I mentioned, the welcome news with our Libra New Moon is a sense of balance. We are supported in rising to our potential. It’s helpful to look at which cobwebs the full moon highlighted for you. They are up for transformation. Use that as the guide for setting your intentions this new moon. Libra seeks balance in all aspects and will aid in you seeing how this can happen. The more we balance ourselves, the more the collective will find its footing! ?

??? In this moment, stop and listen to your breath… listen to the way it sounds as it flows in and out… nothing else, just listen to its sweet rhythm …It is your own internal healing device, always with you, and always free! Don’t neglect it! Okay, read on… ?

I’ll wrap it up with the latest at
The Dancing Soul!

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If you’re up for Sadhana this Saturday at 4:30am, I’d love to see you. LOL, yes, you read that correctly, I know it’s early! For me, its part of that whole stepping up to our potential thing I talked about earlier. Maybe it could be for you, too, or not LOL! Details are on my Event Calendar.


Lastly, as promised, your guided heart meditation with crystal singing bowls on YouTube. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more!


Sending infinite love and light to you all!

“Meditation allows us to directly participate in our lives instead of living life as an afterthought.” ~ Stephen Levine

Sat Nam, Loves! ?

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