Private Curated Sessions



Private Sound Healing and/or Somatic Sessions 


Together we’ll weave a curated session to support your life, nervous system,

body, joints and tissues, mind, spirit, and heart.


Options to curate the most supportive and helpful session for you life;

  • Private Sound Healing sessions with meditative instruments and vocal work.

  • Somatic Fascial Therapy for everyday needs of your body due to injuries, imbalances, or general movement health ( includes a sound healing integration).

  • Curated Custom Spell Creation to nurture a creative relationship with the Goddess and to support your path in life. (We combine somatic and sound work to amplify this spell). 


Book for an in person session or via Zoom, depending on where you live in the world. I’m also available for private group experiences in person or via Zoom. 


For individual session, purchase this product.

You can also gift a session to someone you love. We’ll coordinate via email after purchase.


 For group experiences, email me:

I’ll create a private registration link for you and your group.


After purchase, you’ll receive an email from me to schedule your personal session

You will receive a recording from your session if it’s virtual.


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