Aquarius Full Moon


Namaste and Happy Full Moon, Friends! 

I hope this finds you navigating the transformational waters of our high vibe August. I mean, a full moon in Aquarius sandwiched in between two new moons back to back in Leo. Oh, and did I mention the lunar and total solar eclipse amongst all of this? Yeah, I know!

Talk about stepping into the courage of our hearts, and with the sweeping change eclipses bring about, well, hold onto your hats, ladies, and gentlemen, it’s a wild and amazing ride! 🙂 Hopefully, you’ve been doing the meditation from our last rendezvous.

We are being called to shed our shyness, self-doubt, fear, old out-dated ways and thought patterns. We are being called to step into the courage of our heart and rebel against any and ALL parts of ourselves and our lives that have been holding us back.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius is about revolutionary change. The freedom to finally rebel and release every pattern that’s held us back… be it thought, speech, or action.. it is time for it to go, for good!

We’ve been wrapping up loose ends, closing doors, and experiencing powerful glimpses of our new life, our new way of being. This started last year and amped up in January/February when this eclipse energy began, and now it’s coming to fruition with the upcoming solar eclipse and the next cycle will begin!

When we plant a seed (intention) with a new moon, we must have faith our seed will grow, right? We can’t see anything yet, we just planted. As grandmother moon grows to her fullness, we find inspiration, maybe some signs along the way, and we work to nurture our intentions with action and substance, And with the nature of light and dark, all the deep fears and lack of faith around our intention will also be illuminated and this can provide clues on what to release with the full moon.

Be a rebel, be brave enough to face what’s holding you back and release it in a ceremony that speaks to you this full moon/lunar eclipse. By the time the solar eclipse comes around at the end of August, you’ll be dancing with passion in your life, unbridled, unapologetic, deep, wild and fierce passion. You never know, your inner rhythms, your life, may very well be birthing your greatest work of art yet, YOU!

“Great art is as irrational as great music. It is mad with its own loveliness.” ~ George Jean NathanLastly, a few announcements …

I’m teaching a new class at Jupiter Beach Resort.
Kundalini Yoga 8-9am Friday mornings
Oh, did I mention the classroom is their beautiful Hammock garden overlooking the ocean? 😉

For my full schedule of classes, sound healings, and events, head over to my calendar at The Dancing Soul

Lastly, some great Intentional Bliss news! Many of you expressed 2018 was a better year for you all to join us for our retreat in Tulum, Mexico, so we made the executive decision to move the date to October 20-27, 2018!

Now you (and we) have lots of time to prepare! Don’t worry if you have plans already, be on the lookout for some events within the States, namely Asheville, NC and Red Mountain Resort in Utah … Lots of blissful opportunities coming up for you!

For now, registration is live for Tulum 2018, so you can hold your spot with your $500 deposit, which we do recommend due to a large number of requests and we want YOU to be there with us, your Intentional Bliss Tribe!…

Details at Intentional Bliss

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.
See you for our next EPIC new moon/solar eclipse rebellious ones.

Sat Nam, Loves! ?


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