Aries New Moon Musings

New Moon Blessings, Friends! 


In honor of a new intention I have, to spend less time in front of my computer, I’ll be doing more vlogging rather than writing.Below you’ll find an inspirational video from the Kriya I taught this past week and my new moon musings video.

As always, you’ll find my weekly classes and events by clicking here on my event calendar! 

Big hugs and love to you all!

Ciao, Loves!

Spring and Full Moon Blessings

Happy Easter and Full Moon, Friends!  Throughout history, we've stopped to honor seasonal beginnings and ends We recently marked the Spring Equinox and recognized this balanced cosmic dance between giving (light) and receiving (dark). And now until Summer Solstice,...

Pisces New Moon Greetings

New Moon Blessings, Friends!  Wow! What a month I've had. As I unpack my travels from one end of the Earth to the other, I'll share photos and highlights in upcoming newsletters. My level two Kundalini Yoga training on Conscious Communication was amazing and...

Amsterdam Full Moon Greetings

❤️ Full Moon greetings from Amsterdam!  I’ve been trying to create and post my newsletter for a few days, but MailChimp is being super touchy and is obviously teaching me the rhythm of this Virgo full moon, to be present, grounded, and let it all go!  The technical...

It's time to awaken your rhythyms of inner bliss