Scorpio New Moon

Meditation Musings

Namaste, Friends! Happy New Moon and Samhain Season!

In this final waning phase of the year, the dark moon in watery Scorpio is full of endings, deep dives into our psyche, permission to rest in the depths of our inner world, and support to honor all we’ve accomplished, released, and worked on this year. In turn, this makes space for new intentions to take root as we head toward the next transformational phase, Winter Solstice.

There’s a deep call for our journey within, for our hibernation, for our rest. We’re being guided to allow things to fall away, honor our steps thus far, and envision what we are calling in.

Now is the perfect time to dive deep into your own psyche to accept and release patterns, habits, situations, and anything that continually tripped you up this past year. This will give you great insight into planting your seeds of intention this new moon.

Trusting these natural cycles of Mother Nature and following her lead through the turning points of the year, we learn to embrace the depths and heights of our own being. In these dark and sacred spaces of the New Moon and Winter Season, we learn more about ourselves, it is where space is made, where new life is born.

“Samhain is the threshold to the Season of Death.
The fertile fields of summer give way to the bare forests of autumn. As crops slowly die and winter takes over, the cycle of life is once again approaching
a renewal.” ~ Dacha Avelin

Now, on to some of my recent Meditation Musings…

I’d like to have an honest chat about meditation.

Have you tried it? Do you like it, find it boring, or hard?
Here’s my short musing about how I really felt about meditation in the beginning. Because honesty is important, I didn’t always like it!

I remember my first time, and honestly, it was so annoying. LOL! I can laugh now but it wasn’t funny at the time … I loved the concepts of it, but actually doing it, well, entirely different story.

I thought I was broken and would never be good at it; the Leo in me hated everything about not being good at it. ?

Perhaps it was part of why I kept trying different styles, methods, teachers, etc.

For me, the active style of Kundalini was the key… Its still kind of funny how trying to quietly sit still for long periods created so much noise, and making noise and doing all this cool stuff created this palpable silence… It was like gold for me!

If you relate to any of what I’ve said, I would love to help you create a meditation practice you actually enjoy and look forward to… I know, it seems crazy, but it’s actually true. You could really love it! Like totally crushing on it kind of thing …

Okay let’s start with baby steps.. maybe you will not dread it so much anymore ?

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” ~ Vincent Van Gogh

Sometimes it’s hard to believe it’s been 17 years since I graduated college. So much has changed and shifted, especially in me and what and how I teach.

Some of you have been with me since the beginning days of FPL – WELL! Geeze, it’s really been that long???

I want to recognize you and show my gratitude for your continued support and inspirations over these many years. Truly, I wouldn’t be here without you trusting and believing in my work and how it can assist you!

To say thank you, I’ve compiled a playlist, Meditation Moments on my YouTube Channel. Use any of the videos whenever you need some downtime or a shift in mood.

If you connect with them, I would appreciate and love for you to subscribe, comment, and like. Tell me what you wish to see more of, what you liked, what you need in your life, and I’ll create them for you.

Lastly, The Latest Happenings here at The Dancing Soul! 

❤️ ? New online Moving Meditations class time,
Fridays 9:30-10:45AM. (Kundalini Yoga/Meditation)

❤️ ? Be on the lookout for my upcoming 5-day meditation challenge, some new in-person workshops/classes, and I’m bringing back my full moon Kundalini Dance Class with a live DJ. Oh, yeah!  …
Details will be in the next newsletter so be sure to look for it.


To wrap it up, don’t forget to share your biggest meditation or mindfulness struggles with me. I’m deep in creative mode these days and wish to put out content that will help you.

Don’t forget to reach out if you need help creating a practice or refining your current practice… What have ya got to lose? Besides all your neurosis and mind chatter. ✌

“Mindfulness is by no means about suppressing our needs and enduring everything as a practice in acceptance! It is more about empowering us to feel more centered within ourselves so that we can make decisions with greater consciousness, clarity, and self-compassion, and sometimes that will involve taking action.

Sat Nam and Peace, Loves! ?

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