My Favorite Moon Tool

Have you ever wondered how the Moon’s cycles connect to your own life and inner rhythms?


I always have. I remember the exact day when I talked to the moon and asked her to show me how she moves through me.


I asked to know her, her rhythms, when she was in the sky, her phases and how I can work with her, as others have through the ages. She has delivered in so many ways, it’s hard to put into words.


I’m blessed she guided me towards three Moon Guide Goddesses who’ve changed the trajectory of my life.


Achintya creatrix of Goddess Rising Mystery School, Ameya creatrix of Woman Rising Mystery School ( I’m in my second year of going through Achintya and Ameya’s Priestesses of The Moon program, and my third Moon guide goddess is, April creatrix of Moon Guide Facilitator Training and The Moon Is My Calendar Journal.




I started using, The Moon Is My Calendar, a few years ago and it’s changed how I look at life. I no longer see things in linear form, there’s no endpoint to get to, and I can visually see it all in this calendar journal. I notice my creativity growing over the years, and there’s greater flexibility in my life where it didn’t exist before.


I’m flowing with this ever-changing cyclical nature of our existence.


I’ve fallen so in love with this calendar, I took April’s first Moon Guide Facilitator Training last year, and I’m now an affiliate for this magickal being and her creation!!!


I’m expanding my private practice to include my love of being a moon guide to include Moon Rhythms Coaching.

We set our sacred space first, do a short meditation together to open the intuitive flow of our higher selves before diving into designing/tapping into your best moon life.


I highly recommend purchasing the calendar first by clicking HERE…Even if you choose to not work with me personally, I highly recommend checking her calendar out for your own life.


I’m able to look back each moon and see how things are unfolding, where my patterns are showing up, how my inner cycle is dancing with the outer cycles of the moon and nature, and whether I’m honoring or resisting this… it helps me create my best life without feeling like I’m an end goal or always have to be on and doing more only to crash and burn later.


I’m now an affiliate for this beautiful calendar/journal moon medicine. Which means, when you purchase through my link, I make a small percentage. There’s no downside for you and it doesn’t get more expensive for you. You get a great tool while supporting my work!  A community supporting community for the highest and greatest good!


There’s something powerful about seeing these cycles of our life in physical form throughout the moons (months). I still have a western calendar for my appointments and other things that are in linear time, but for my inner and outer life design, this is how I do.


I would be honored to assist you in uncovering and relating to your inner moon goddess and how to best utilize this brilliant tool to design your most authentically passionate life!!!


All my moon love to you!


Your Moon Love Investment


*** Moon Package 1:


*** Moon Package 2:


4 Sessions discounted to $144/Hr

( NOTE: We meet each Monday over one moon cycle/one month)

*** Moon Package 3:


8 Sessions discounted to $122/Hr

( NOTE: We meet each Monday over two moon cycles/2 months)











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