New Moon Leo/Total Solar Eclipse

Namaste and Happy New Moon in Leo and Solar Eclipse, Friends! 

I hope this finds you in a grounded and inward meditative space! It’s important during these powerful eclipse times to keep decision making to a minimum and our meditative inner explorations a priority!!!

One need not look far to see the unraveling of what no longer supports us! It’s all around us, on the micro and macro levels. Shadow work is dirty and messy, but needs to play out to be healed.. . it’s never pretty looking at our own shadow and the collective shadow in the eyes, seeing how it moves, feels, breathes, reacts, sounds, and looks. It takes courage not to be afraid to shine the light on it and we kind of have a global spotlight right now…

So keep doing your part to be the change. This energy is ripe for finally healing and releasing all the aspects of our lives that no longer stand up to meet and support who we are meant to be. I’m inspired by SO many people stepping up to heal our collective and individual wounds! Look for the people doing good, they’re everywhere!

“Together we rise in consciousness for an inclusive humanity. Together, we cast away the illusion of separatism and step forth to heal the divides within ourselves, our partnerships and our communities.” ~Mystic Mama

Today, is one of the most potent times for meditation and inward contemplation with our Solar Eclipse. Take time to drop into your body via the breath and mantra. I offer this sound healing compliments of Gaia, and a suggestion to utilize a mantra you should know well by now, Sat Nam.

Here’s the link to the Sat Nam Meditation
No need to watch the video, if you can, close your eyes, let the sound of the ocean wash over you, and silently repeat Sat on the inhale and Nam on the exhale… let it replay as long as you need!

Humanity needs us in our meditative minds and heart space so we can productively be the change and not be reactive! Consider Sat Nam a direct connection to the cosmic truth and your personal code to manifest it the way only you can! ???

“The sun, moon, and stars are your teachers. ~ Yogi Bhajan

Lastly, a few announcements…

The Inner Brew is closing and my classes are on hold until I return from travels September 7th. I’ll resume doing special events, series, workshops, and retreats at on-site locations BUT ALL weekly classes will be happening at my ONLINE STUDIO and one class in  person at Jupiter Beach resort in their Hammock Garden on Friday mornings!

The closing made me realize I have this amazing virtual studio space I’ve been building this past year to share these brilliant teachings and it’s time to use it! I also have something cool and special happening with, The Dancing Souls!! ? More info soon … ❤️

Now, wherever you have settled to enjoy this cosmic event, be there fully in the moment. Don’t worry about photo or video, unless you set it up beforehand and leave it!

There are plenty of professionals taking photos and videos that will be available to share on your social media!

Be there in the moment and take it all in! I’m in KY with my sister and family who live inside the 70-mile radius of totality. I’ll be in the collective cosmos with you all my loves!

Sending you all love and light and much energy for all your dreams to manifest!

“It may be that our cosmic curiosity… is a genetically-encoded force that we illuminate when we look up and wonder.” ~  Neil deGrasse Tyson

Sat Nam, Loves ?

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