Pisces New Moon Blessings

New Moon Blessings, Friends! 

Wow! What a month I’ve had. As I unpack my travels from one end of the Earth to the other, I’ll share photos and highlights in upcoming newsletters.

My level two Kundalini Yoga training on Conscious Communication was amazing and incredibly insightful … a skill worth sharpening.

Speaking of sharpening skills, in all honesty, building an online biz is hard work. The tasks and learning are never done, self- doubt is clingy while inspiration can seem so darn fleeting!

It’s easy to feel lost in a sea of websites, videos, blogs, courses, and offerings with mine, never to be found or experienced. Then, something happens and reminds me the right people will find me at the right time.

The words in the picture below are from a student after taking her first online MELT and Meditation class with me this week.

She found me through a random online search that led her to our Tulum retreat and my online classes.

Tuesday, she joined in poolside from her vacation in Montego Bay. #virtualclassroom #lovemyjob #hardworkpaysoffs

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“Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. It matters that you don’t just give up.” ~ Stephen Hawking

Pisces New Moon Musings … 

As we welcome a new lunar cycle and another turn in the wheel of time with the upcoming Spring Equinox, take a moment to appreciate the areas of your life that have taken effort and tending to.

Those things you’ve been working and molding and birthing for however long, perhaps since childhood, appreciate them and recognize the journey and hard work that you’ve brought to the table. Give yourself recognition for all you’ve accomplished and how you’ve grown and changed along the way.

When setting your new moon intentions, feel into how you want them to continue evolving. Notice areas you’ve wanted to find more balance in how you handle or react along this journey…

Intuitive and watery Pisces provides a perfect opportunity to seek balance on all levels, especially the emotional level. I always think of the movie “Inside Out” when it comes to emotions and highly recommend watching it if you haven’t.

Emotions aren’t bad or scary! They are necessary ways we move energy and learn about ourselves and others. I can attest, life is less stressful and confusing when we learn to use them to help us navigate ourselves, life, and our relationships instead of being controlled by them like puppets on a string.

If you’re interested in learning meditations to help work with your emotions rather than being controlled by them, check out my Free Resource Library and see if anything resonates with you.

It might be wise to listen to this smart woman and check my classes out ?

In The Moment With The Dancing Soul … 

 I’m leading Aquarian Sadhana tomorrow morning starting at4:30am at Kula Yoga Shala. Soo-ooo if you’re up for it ? you should totally come and practice with us during the ambrosial hours and ride the rising waves of the Sun’s energy.

If you’re a Moon lover like me, it’s absolutely cool to know we’ll be chanting mantras at the time of our New Moon at 6:11am! What a great way to plant our intentions for this next lunar cycle.

Wednesdays 7-8:30pm.

After many years of teaching my weekly Pilates classes, which I loved, I simply thought the run of classes at studios had come to an end.

Although it was sad teaching my last weekly class, after over a decade, I knew it was time to start another chapter. I was feeling a deep call to share the work that was literally changing my life and helping me to legitimately like myself, yoga and meditation.

I’m so happy I trusted that feeling. I’m kind of in love with my biz and all the cool ways I get to share these amazing tools with you!!! When I started my blog in 2011, I never imagined my website would evolve to where it is now! ? #crushing #on #mybiz#workhard

Soo-ooo long story short… ? when this opportunity presented itself, I took the time to sit with it, factored everything in, and it felt right in every way. And now, I’m incredibly excited to practice all the yoga and meditation goodness with you in studio ?

Join me weekly …

❤️ Tuesdays
ONLINE ~ MELT/Meditation ~ 10-11am

❤️ Wednesdays * NEW CLASS *
Kula Yoga Shala ~ Kundalini Yoga/Meditation ~ 7-8:30pm

❤️ Fridays
ONLINE ~ Kundalini Yoga/Meditation ~ 10-11:15am
❤️ See my calendar for monthly events including

~ Aquarian Sadhana (coming up tomorrow)

~ MELT Method Workshops

Kundalini Dance workshop March 31

~ Full Moon Sound Baths with The Crystal Vibe Tribe

and don’t forget the fabulous

~ Tulum Mexico retreat with Intentional Bliss


Ciao, Loves! 

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