Trouble Sleeping? Try This ...

Are sleepless nights your norm?

Find yourself flipping through TV channels watching infomercials at 3AM feeling plain frustrated?

Are your days filled with endless coffee + RedBull (insert stimulant of choice)?

Maybe you’ve even been down the Western route with sleeping pills and are now groggy during the day …

Things don’t have to be this complicated when it comes to our body’s rhythms. 

One of my friends, Nikki, who admittedly is not the biggest fan of slowing down and relaxing, was having major insomnia and it was beginning to take a toll…

She even spent $150 on an independent blood panel because she was sure something was up with her blood chemistry.

She was at her wit’s end and asked me if I had a meditation that might help her.

I shared Left Nostril Breathing with her and said to try 3 minutes daily and see if it helps.

She also asked for some sound healing to have the
legit experience.

At this point, I was sure someone kidnapped my friend’s phone and was punking me! LOL!!!

I sent her my favorite crystal singing bowl track and a few days later asked how she was doing.

She said she’s been sleeping better than she had in a long time and she actually found the”banging on the bowls”
to be quite relaxing …lol!

Now, she’s also looking into her lifestyle and making changes, like rockin’ the challenging process of giving up her excess coffee habit …

Moral of the story, yoga can teach us to help our body with some pretty simple things …

I was happy to share a yogic technique which isn’t rocket science, just a good ole fashion breathing exercise, and it’s free! 

If you’re having problems sleeping, look to your own body for support and try

Left Nostril Breathing
* plug your right nostril with thumb
* breath easy through your left nostril (about 5 seconds for inhaling and 5 seconds for exhaling)

I’d recommend doing it daily (anytime is fine) for at least three minutes, but you could always go longer.

This technique works by bringing the Parasympathetic Nervous System online (aka the part of our nervous system that calms and relaxes us) 

In yogic teachings, we talk about Lunar energy (feminine, moon, cooling, the right brain, calm, receptive) and Solar energy (masculine, sun, the left brain, energizing, doing)…

We carry both of these energies regardless of our gender, and we need both energy qualities for a balanced and full life, so one is not better or worse unless we spend too much time in either.

These energies correlate with our Western teachings in this
way … 

Right Brain (creative, nurturing, connections) and Parasympathetic Nervous System (rest/repair mode) which relates to the yogic teachings on Feminine/Lunar(Moon) energy and the left side of the body. (Hence the left nostril breathing)

Left Brain (thinking, doing, analyzing) and the Sympathetic Nervous System (think fight/flight response) which relates to the yogic teachings Masculine/Solar (Sun) energy and the right side of the body.

It’s worth noting the (Sun energy/Left Brain) is where most of Western society dwells 24/7… never relaxing, always going, always doing, and the Parasympathetic nervous system gets the crappy end of the deal, you end up stressed, less productive, can’t shut off your mind or sleep! 

Sound familiar???

Let’s note we have a lot more control of our health than we are taught and this is why I love yoga…

It’s like a manual of teachings on how to live and thrive in these amazing bodies!

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Ciao now

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