Virgo New Moon/Autumn Equinox Medicine

Namaste, Friends!

Happy New Moon in Virgo and sweet blessings for the turning point in our year, the Autumn Equinox! 

I hope this finds you peacefully settling into our earthy new moon in Virgo and setting aside time to reflect on this past year as we usher in the Autumn Equinox.

I’ve been quietly processing all the energy shifts from the eclipses, the solar flares, the fires, floods, and hurricanes. . . If you’re sensitive to how all of this plays out in our physical and energetic bodies, you know it’s been important to ground ourselves.

Our earthy new moon in Virgo should help us connect and heal emotionally and physically. It’s been a wild ride this year as darkness and cobwebs were illuminated with the intention and desire to dance with the light and clear the past, ours and our ancestral lines, once and for all.

Take notice of your patterns via habits, thought cycles, reactions,  dreams, and all that’s coming up. If it feels right, close your eyes, place hands to your heart, and ask yourself as if you were talking to a child, “What can I do to help you?” Let this guide your ceremony and intention setting this new moon . . .

The answers will most likely appear in subtle ways when you’re not in your mind. It will show itself through the body in little ways, like how you feel after certain foods/drinks, in your dreams, signs throughout your day, conversations your overhear, feelings, emotions, or ideas that come and go quickly and only come once, like a passing breeze. Meaning there are no mental games around it, thoughts about it, or judgments around it . . .

This is how we slowly develop a relationship with ourselves, we drop out of the mind, learn to listen in subtle ways, and over time it all begins to flow easier when we drop into the ancient wisdom that resides in the cells of our beautiful being.

“She is at ease with herself and the gifts of her miraculous body. She has long learned to pay attention to the cycles of her life as extensions of the rhythms of earth, sea, and sky — for she knows that they hold the keys to her personal power.”

In the Northern Hemisphere, we begin to turn inward and shed our old leaves, just as Gaia does, with the passing of the Autumn Equinox on Friday . . .

We’ve had a lot of intense cosmic energy this year, and I’m sure you’ve been feeling it. I’m hoping you’ve been brave enough to look deep within at your own cobwebs and dark corners.

Life is a constant flow and dance between darkness and light, yin and yang, masculine and feminine. It is our path to begin to dance this dance with courage, grace, and authenticity.

Slow down enough to listen, not with your mind but with your heart, gut-brain, and body. It takes courage to go there, to be willing to look at ourselves to see where we can do better, take responsibility for our actions, and soften our edges.

I have great respect for the energy guidance we’ve been and will continue to receive from our cosmic family, Mother Earth, Father Sky, Grandmother Moon, Grandfather Sun, and all our star brothers and sisters . . .

Take a moment to reflect on the intentions and goals you planted during the Spring Equinox in April. If you’ve nurtured those seeds and tended your soil, you should be harvesting these blossoms as we speak.

Create a ceremony that speaks to you this equinox, even a quiet reflection will do. Contemplate, through the wisdom of your heart, how you wish to navigate the remaining months of this year.

The intensity of this year is naturally slowing down and this should be welcomed after all we’ve experienced thus far. Use this time for reflection and turning inward wisely and you’ll continue to taste the sweetness of your work and path.

“Part of the reason our bodies get so out of balance is due to stress and the expectations we have to look a certain way or be a certain way. Under the dark night sky of the Virgo New Moon, try instead to accept yourself exactly as you are and to nurture your body back to health rather than being demanding or critical.”

New Happenings here at The Dancing Soul . . .

First, my new schedule for online classes begins this coming Sunday, September 24th. You can check out my full schedule here and a short little video here on how easy it is to sign up for my Namastream studio.

Second, In honor of community and assisting one another here in our Earth Scool, I’ve created a private Facebook group, The Dancing Souls. It was created in a ceremony on this day as a sacred and safe virtual temple for us to share our passions, vulnerabilities, and our Earth walk. You can join the love here on Facebook.

Lastly, you’ve likely noticed a lot of sound healing love milling about . . .

It’s an honor to introduce, The Crystal Vibe Tribe, a collective of Sound Healers using various sacred sound instruments with intention from the heart to assist you on your Earth walk.
We come together with the intention of raising vibrations, heart-centered action, building a sense of community, and healing Mother Earth and humanity as a whole!

We employ the use of crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, native flutes, chimes and other instruments. You can stay in the know about all our events (of which, we have a Hurricane Relief Sound Bath on the beach this Friday for the Equinox), Seva projects, FB lives, and stay connected in the sound current over in our private FB tribe!

Deep gratitude for your continued support of my endeavors, and BIG love and light to you and your beautiful heart!

“Self-care is the future because it’s the ancient wisdom of the past”

Sat Nam, Loves!

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